Welcome to my thoughts.

Well, what to say, i’m new to this, so bare with me.

But I’ll say it in advance, don’t judge this page for design or for grammar and typing mistakes. True, my English could be much better, and i could try harder. But i don’t feel like it (at the moment), and it’s good enough if you’re here for the content, which is the purpose of this site.

So i feel sorry for all you grammar nazis 😉

Yeah i’m already babbeling (if this is even the word), which i do a lot. but don’t worry i’ll tag my posts appropriately, so if you don’t like long boring reads, and prefer short concise and to the point articles, you can just skip the ones that have a tag “babbelling”.

Correction the word is babbling (just looked it up).


So yeah this site is about my thoughts, look at it as my personal diary, but i don’t want it to be personal. Because I feel that some thoughts, ideas, beliefs, etc. that i have need to be shared with the world. Ok maybe not all that i’ll write here, but you get the picture.


I think this is enough for the first post, I already corrected it a couple of times, and i really don’t want that. I want to share the exact truth of my thoughts, even if that means tons of grammar mistakes and… Or no wait, you won’t be able to even read this, if i’ll just type whatever comes to mind.

So scratch that I’ll edit it to some extend but I’ll really try not to, if that makes sense 😉


Good night.



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