So what is this “madness” thing?

Ok, so here’s the idea.

You know how some people seem clever to you, and other seem dumb. Some believe in a certain religion others do not. Then you have those “crazy hippies”.

Well the thing is, I think, that we can talk to and understand each other only to a certain extend. If I’m a 9 to 17 worker in a job that I don’t really hate but definitely don’t love, with a wife, a kid, love watching sports, have no time to actually participate in one, etc. You know “the standard” life. It would be quite difficult for me to grasp how I could become an astronaut, or chase my dream of becoming a rock star.

Or if I’m a physicist and “hardcore atheist”. It’s hard to understand what the heck that bible book is all about, and would most likely think that anybody that goes to church is plain loco.


So this “madness levels” are sort of the categories you fall into. Well not fall into, but what you’re allowed to read and comment to.

We all have our own “belief box”, if I can call it that way. And it’s really hard to think or believe about the world outside that box. We can maybe peek at what’s just outside our “belief box”, but it’s more or less impossible for us to look, think or debate about, anything much further than that.
Just to prove my point, this will work best on dog lovers, that eat meat regularly.

I’ll come to your dinner, you’re serving me a stuffed chicken, with potatoes and delicious sauce with a salad, we’re all happy behind the table, sitting and laughing. And I’ll say oh what a nice dog… No, no wait let’s not go that far :D. So yeah your dog is sitting next to a table, it (or is it He?) behaves nicely for now, and has those big puppy eyes, just to get a bite of that delicious dinner. But then he suddenly looses temper, jumps on the table, wrecks everything, grabs the chicken and runs to another room. Sort of ruins the dinner for us. Then all of a sudden we hear a squeak outside on the street, a thump and a squeal. No it wasn’t your dog, he’s eating that chicken in the other room, we checked. But it was another dog, that you don’t know. We run outside and I, no wait…, your kid says (yep you have a kid in this story 😉 ): “oh this dog is about to die, let’s just finish him and eat him instead, since we don’t have that chicken anymore”.

Ok what are your thoughts: Omg my kid is crazy, or is it, ah he’s just a kid he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Or do you maybe agree with him? What if I, your friend would say this?

So yeah most likely there’s a conflict in your head, you don’t agree with that. You love your dog, why would you eat another one. Whoever want’s to eat a dog, must surely be crazy, he can’t be rational. But what if he is?

But until you expand you belief box, you will not be able to debate, which stuffing or side dish is best, for a cooked dog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying it’s ok for humans to eat dogs. It’s just a made up story that will hopefully explain the “madness levels”.

So this madness level/category is just a “belief box” that you fall into. First level of madness is (hopefully) for everyone: young, old, although it might be a bit difficult to understand if you’re really young, hmm or maybe not, we’ll see. Religious, atheist, employed, boss, unemployed, hippie, married, single, basically anyone.
Second level of madness is a next step. So if your belief box isn’t made from the toughest steel, then it might expand a bit while reading and responding in the articles of the first madness level. And eventually you can understand and participate in articles of the madness 2 level.
I just gotta figure out a way to know when your belief box is big enough to understand the articles from the 2nd level.

So that’s it, this is way too much text for one post anyway, so congrats if you read it all 😀
Hopefully next time I’ll be back sooner than this time, buy who knows which path I’ll choose in the future.

Thanks for reading :)

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